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I can't wait to learn about you.


I'm of Italian-English descent, and was born and raised in New York City. I began modeling as a young child, where I quickly grew into walking runway shows for top designers. While fashion week was a dream that became reality, beginning my studies at post-secondary school was always priority. I love to learn, and find that I connect best with others who have a continuing curiosity.

I am all-natural, and proudly have had zero surgical enhancements. I pride myself in my healthy lifestyle, impeccable hygiene, and frequent spa days to maintain my wellness. Being healthy is a huge part of who I am- physically, mentally, and socially. I love working out, and not just in the gym...

I enjoy a diet of fresh organics (when not indulging in fine dining) and love celebrating the finer things in life, with those who simply adore living.

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My personal hobbies and interests include: Pilates, chess, art, travel, bubble baths, reading, wines, architecture, gem stones, the opera, comedy, technology, nature, the ballet, the beach, music, and design of all kinds.

I love new relationships, and live for the moments when connections feel good emotionally, and physically.

Let's share a moment, evening or weekend, for a deeper connection most could only ever dream of.

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